CliqueFie MAX Selfie Stick

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CliqueFie MAX Selfie Stick - Available in Grey or Green.


Condition - A . Many of these products were unused customer returns or ex display. All items have been checked and confirmed working and wiped clean. Some small, light cosmetic marks may remain.

The boxes may also not be in pristine condition as they may have been on multiple transits.

The bluetooth remote requires a CR2032 battery. We have included a BRAND NEW battery in all packages for you, as well as the original battery as we cannot guarantee what life that has left. 

Huge saving off RRP!


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From the manufacturer:

The Cliquefie MAX selfie stick is crafted from a space-grade aluminium material to effortlessly support your iPhone. It comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote control that you can use straight out of the box with no need for apps or extra buttons. The MAX also comes with a retractable tripod, expanding your photography and videoing experience for all occasions.

Simple and smart

Simple, elegant and compact, CliqueFie Max is designed to take up as little space as possible in your handbag or bag.

Maximum strength and length

The space grade aluminium used to construct the stick allows for up to 28.9 inches (73.41cm) extension, which is perfect for capturing even more expansive photos.

Angle adjustability

The MAX allows for angle adjustments between 0 to 100 degrees back and forth, allowing you to take your selfies with ease.

Wireless Bluetooth

Featuring a simple single-button design that’s easy to operate and convenient for shooting videos or photos, the Bluetooth remote is neatly embedded in the MAX — seamlessly blending with the body of the selfie stick.

Retractable tripod

To make taking group shots or videos even easier, the CliqueFie MAX selfie stick comes with a handy built-in retractable tripod.




  • Original Box
  • CliqueFie MAX Selfie Stick
  • Instructions and manuals
  • Loop 8 Rubber Connector
  • CR2032 Battery (We have included a brand new battery as well as the original)
  • Bluetooth Remote